March 27, 2024 | Activities

Discover exciting things to do in Cancun, Events and Activities this 2024: Your Ultimate Guide

Staying at an all-inclusive adults only hotel in Cancun, Golden Parnassus during the spring is much more than just a simple getaway.

It's the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant essence of Cancun and create memories that will last forever. Beyond the captivating beaches, this city teems with life and excitement with a wide variety of Cancun events and activities throughout the year.

At Golden Parnassus All Inclusive Resort & Spa, we are excited to offer you a truly unique experience, where you can disconnect from the world and immerse yourself in an oasis of peace and fun. Discover all that this season has in store for you, both in the city and in our adults-only hotel in Cancun. It's time to live unforgettable moments and create stories to tell for days.


Events at Golden Parnassus All-Inclusive Resort & Spa, discover all about our Distillates Festival

Let's relive the unforgettable moments we experienced during the 1st Distillates Festival by Golden Parnassus Cancun! On Saturday, March 16, 2024, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, we immersed ourselves in a celebration full of exciting cocktail tastings. From the smooth flavors of tequila to the intense aromas of whiskey, passing through the freshness of gin and the unmistakable taste of rum, each sip was a unique experience.

The majestic turquoise sea of Cancun was the perfect setting for this event, where our guests and the public could enjoy the best mixology in front of the crystalline waters. Additionally, we had the pleasure of having 5 in-house bartenders participate in an exciting mixology contest, where each one demonstrated their talent and creativity.

The pool area became the epicenter of fun, where renowned brands such as Canadian Mist, Wheatley Vodka, Tequila Tajante, Grupo Corona, and many more delighted us with their exquisite distillates. Accompanying these delights, we enjoyed live entertainment, including an energetic rock band, a talented guitarist, a spectacular fire show, and the infectious rhythms of our resident DJs.

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Immerse yourself in the excitement of Cancun and Golden Parnassus while discovering the best of the city and our adults-only resort.


Things to do in Cancún

Cancun is a destination full of life and energy throughout the year. From cultural festivals to exciting sports competitions, there is something for everyone. If you're planning to visit Cancun in 2024, you're in luck.

Both the city and Golden Parnassus All-Inclusive Resort & Spa offer you a wide range of experiences to enjoy and remember forever.

One example of the great events in Cancun is the Cancun Half Marathon 2024, held on April 21st, which is a highly relevant sports event commemorating Cancun's 54th anniversary. With the starting and finishing line at the Cancun City Hall Esplanade, runners participated in an exciting 5km or 10km race that traversed some of the city's most iconic areas. This was a unique opportunity to enjoy outdoor sports while exploring Cancun's natural and cultural wonders.

Stay at an Adults-Only All-Inclusive Resort in Cancun

Ready for an adventure in Cancun? Book your stay at Golden Parnassus All-Inclusive Resort & Spa and get ready to enjoy exciting events, relax on our beautiful beaches, and indulge in the delicious cuisine at our restaurants.

With a wide range of activities and entertainment, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience in the heart of Cancun. We look forward to making your vacation dreams come true in paradise!