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Relax and Renew Energies: Advantages of an All Inclusive in Cancun with Golden Parnassus

The paradise without leaving your hotel

Cancun, a Caribbean paradise with golden beaches and vibrant nights, offers a unique experience for those seeking relaxation and fun. But, what happens when you want to unwind without straying far from your haven? This is where the advantages of an All-Inclusive in Cancun take center stage. Golden Parnassus brings you all the fun just steps away from your room.

In this corner of the Caribbean, the options are endless. From the richness of its flora and fauna to the exciting daytime and nighttime activities, Cancun is a captivating destination. Now, imagine enjoying all of this without leaving your hotel. This is where the magic of Golden Parnassus, an exclusive adults-only hotel in Cancun, comes into play.


Advantages of an All-Inclusive in Cancun

Golden Parnassus Cancun, more than a hotel, is a retreat for those seeking the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment. Our rooms offer comfort and spaciousness, but what sets Golden Parnassus apart is its commitment to endless fun.

Within our facilities, you'll not only find a place to rest but also a range of restaurants that will transport you to different parts of the world without leaving Cancun.

From the exquisite Paradise buffet to the elegance of Shangri-La, every bite is a unique culinary experience.

Explore our restaurants in Cancun

Paradise Restaurant: Enjoy the all-day buffet with the melodic symphony of waves in the background and a panoramic view of the golden beaches that only Cancun can offer.

Pier 12: Embark on a culinary journey to Italy at our Pier 12 corner, where every bite is a postcard from the Mediterranean. Delight in Italian delicacies and fall in love with the view that opens to the stunning Caribbean Sea.

Old Barn: At the Old Barn, the culinary experience is a journey from appetite-awakening salads to juicy cuts of meat that satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Shangri-La: Immerse yourself in an oasis of elegance at Shangri-La, where sophistication merges with the panoramic sea view. Each dish is a masterpiece that transports you to a world of flavors.

Sumo: Travel to the heart of Japan at Sumo, where Japanese specialties are presented in an authentic Asian ambiance. From sushi to Teriyaki, every bite is an experience that awakens your senses.

The Breeze: At The Breeze, delicious snacks combine with relaxation by the pool. Savor appetizers that complement the experience of soaking up the sun and the Caribbean breeze.

Creperie: Delight your palate with the sweet temptation of our creperie, where a variety of sweet crepes and ice creams take the spotlight.


In Cancun's all-inclusive paradise, relaxation combines with the excitement of the Caribbean. Golden Parnassus invites you to disconnect and live every moment to the fullest.


Benefits and activities at Golden Parnassus

The benefits of relaxing in an all-inclusive resort are innumerable. Here at Golden Parnassus, you'll not only enjoy beaches and pools, but you'll also have access to a variety of activities. From yoga and pilates classes to exciting water games and themed nights, you'll be able to enjoy a wide range of activities.

Discover the range of activities that will make every day an exciting adventure.

Pilates: Strengthen your body and mind while enjoying the tranquility of the Caribbean in our Pilates sessions.

Yoga: Connect with your inner self on the serene beaches of Cancun with our sunrise Yoga classes.

Cocktails: Learn the secrets of Caribbean mixology in our cocktail classes, where every sip is an explosion of flavor.

Aquaerobics: Immerse yourself in aquatic fun with our Aquaerobics sessions, where exercise becomes pure joy.

Cooking: Discover the flavors of the region in our cooking classes, where Mexican gastronomy becomes a participatory experience.

Water Basketball: Fun without limits! Join an exciting game of water basketball and show off your skills.

Bingo: The excitement is in the air. Participate in our bingo nights and live moments full of expectation and fun.

Tequila Volleyball: Combine the passion of volleyball with the Mexican essence in our tequila volleyball games, a unique experience!

Stay at an All-Inclusive in Cancun

Make your getaway in Cancun an unforgettable experience with Golden Parnassus. Book now and discover the advantages of an All-Inclusive in Cancun.

With exclusive offers, we are ready to make you experience the Caribbean in a way you never imagined. Ready to immerse yourself in the magic? We are waiting for you at Golden Parnassus!